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Show Results: Jaguar was a spectacular puppy who matured into a top winning special. At 9 months of age, Jag won BOB over 4 champions (one a top 10 special) under prestigious Judge Mrs. James Edward Clark. Owner handled, Jag finished his championship at 11 months of age with 16 points (Two 3-Point Majors under Judges Joseph Gregory and Edd Bivin).

Jaguar was campaigned as a special from June 1998 until May 2001 and was professionally handled by Mr. Joe Napolitano. By the end of 1999, Jag was the #12 Dalmatian nationally and #4 in the southeast. He was invited and competed in the Top 20 competition at the OCA 2000 Nationals.

Features: Jaguar is BAER bilateral hearing; OFA certified (#DM - 2186 F29M-T); DNA profiled (#V227269); CERF normal; and thyroid normal.

Jaguar is a gorgeous liver Dalmatian with open dark liver markings. His square build, level topline, good shoulder layback, and good stifle bend result in a smooth easy movement. His showy attitude and friendly temperament make him a ringside favorite.


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Show Results: Rumaki finished her championship in August 2000 with 16 points (Two 4-Point Majors under Judges Mrs. Carol A. Williams and Mrs. J. K. Lepley) and was owner handled through most of her showing with some assistance from professional handler Kelly Rea.

Features: Rumaki is BAER bilateral hearing; OFA Certified (#DM - 227 6F 35F); DNA profiled (#V187 646) and thyroid normal.

Rumaki is a dark liver with dark brown eyes and excellent nose and rim coverage. She has a good topline and glides smoothly around the ring with an easy rhythmic movement. Her most outstanding trait however, is her sweet, easygoing personality that makes her a joy to be around.


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Show Results: Striker finished his championship in October 2002 with 22 points. (Two 4-Point Majors under Judges Mrs. G.G. Wanner and Dr. Robert J. Berndt). He was handled through most of his showing by Mr. Peter Dodd.

Features: Striker is BAER unilateral hearing. Striker has gorgeous inky black pigment with striking marking and dark eyes. His strong topline, good shoulder layback, and muscular build contribute to a strong commanding movement.


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Show Results: Sugar finished her championship with 15 points November 2001 (Two 3-Point Majors under Judges Mr. Merrill Coker and Mr. R. Ambrosio) assisted by Professional handler Joe Napolitano.

Features: Sugar is BAER bilateral hearing. Sugar is a very elegant bitch who takes after her sire with her beautiful open markings. She also has her sire's strong topline, good shoulder layback, and square build. Her sweet temperament makes her easy to live with.


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Show Results: Flyer was the first in his litter to finish his championship in May 2001 with 15 Points (Two 3-Point Majors under Judges Mr. William P. Owelly and Mr. T. Donald Teague) assisted by Professional handler Kelly Rea. Flyer was owner handled through most of his single points.

Features: Flyer is BAER bilateral hearing; OFA certified (#DM - 2407F49M-P1); DNA profiled (#V38351); and thyroid normal.

Flyer has correct structure and moves around the ring in a strong easy fashion. His desire to please and easygoing, loving personality endear his to all who meet him.


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Show Results: Boomer's first points were a 3-Point Major at 10 months of age (under Judge Dr. R. J. Berndt) novice handled. He currently has 14 Points, owner handled, and needs one more Major to finish his championship.

Features: Boomer is BAER bilateral hearing.

Boomer has a strong topline and excellent tailset/carriage along with good shoulder layback. He has well placed attractive markings and a sweet nature.


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Show Results: Stormy currently has 9 Points, owner handled. He needs both of his Majors to finish his championship.

Features: Stormy is BAER bilateral hearing.

Stormy has beautiful open markings. He is a powerful dog with a strong topline, good shoulder layback, and muscular build.


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Show Results: Dandy has 7 single Points to date, all of them taken since October 2002. He was such a rambunctious youngster that he was shown on a limited basis and was allowed to mature a bit first.

Features: Dandy is BAER bilateral hearing.

Dandy is a very showy dog with rich depth of pigment and dark eyes. He has wonderful structure with a great topline, wonderful shoulder layback, and good bend of stifle. We are also very pleased with the amount of bone and tight feet that contribute to the correct structure of this young dog. Dandy is extremely outgoing and considers everyone his friend (human or dog). As one judge put it, "He is very happy".


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Show Results: Gabby currently has 3 Points.

Features: Gabby is BAER bilateral hearing.

Gabby has her dam's dark rich liver pigment. She is structurally correct and moves with speed and grace.


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Show Results: Callie currently has 10 Points, all owner handled. She only needs her Majors to finish her championship.

Features: Callie is BAER bilateral hearing.

Callie's rich depth of pigment and showy attitude are eye catching. Her level topline and good shoulder layback contribute to her proper structure. Her gently disposition and self-starting nature have made her a joy to show.


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Show Results: Too young to show yet

Features: Havin is BAER bilateral hearing

Missy is the image of her sire, Jaguar. She is a very confident youngster. We have great hopes for her.


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2003 Laurel Dalmatians - Linda Scheller, D.V.M. - Pembroke, Georgia