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History of Laurel Dalmatians


Laurel Dalmatians gets its name from Laurel, Maryland, a town near Linda Scheller's family farm where she grew up. Animals were always an important part of Linda's life and therefore veterinary medicine and dog showing became natural extensions of this love. Dr. Scheller graduated from University of Georgia, College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979, and settled in Savannah, GA. Her interest in Dalmatians was sparked back in vet school by a lovely obedience competition Dal owned by a fellow classmate, Dr. Joanne Blum. Linda acquired her first Dal in 1980, which was soon joined by two whippets. In 1989, Linda moved onto a small farm near Pembroke, GA. Soon after, she and a friend, Peter Dodd, got involved in conformation showing of a show puppy that Peter had acquired in 1993.


Linda met Emily Hoover of Atlantis Dalmatians in Perry, GA in 1997. It was through this meeting that Linda acquired her first show Dal, Jaguar. When he was 9 months old, Jag beat out 4 champions for BOB under Judge Mrs. James Edward Clark. Owner handled, Jaguar finished his championship at 11 months of age. Jag was specialed for two years and was professionally handled by Joe Napolitano. At the end of 1999, Jag was #12 nationally and was invited to compete in the Top 20 Competition at the 2000 DCA Nationals.


Emily Hoover served as mentor and friend to Linda and was also helpful in her getting her second show Dal, Rumaki, from Virginia Hobby (Stonebridge Kennels). Also a lovely liver Dal, Rumaki became Linda's second champion. All the Dals currently in the Laurel Kennel descend from either Jaguar or Rumaki and have Atlantis in their pedigrees.


There are currently 8 adult Dals in our household. Jag's first litter has 3 finished champions with 2 more needing just their majors to finish. Dandy, Rumaki's son from her 1st litter, just recently singled out and now needs only his majors to finish.


The goal of our Kennel is to produce a sound Dal that will serve as a fine companion for its owner. To pursue this goal we OFA, BAER, and thyroid test our breeding stocks. All puppies are BAER hearing tested before being placed in homes.


2003 Laurel Dalmatians - Linda Scheller, D.V.M. - Pembroke, Georgia